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Setting and achieving your goals and vision




Are you struggling to set goals or visions? Do you realise the importance to your future life of doing so? Might limiting beliefs be stopping you? On this FREE presentation, we will take you through why it is important to set regular goals and always be emotionally in touch with your vision.


An introduction to Mindset.



With this online webinar with Lauren, you will receive lots of information introducing you to the power of your mind and how you can use it to create the reality of your dreams. The best part…this webinar is FREE.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation



Make sure you take advantage of this FREE Law of Attraction and Manifestation webinar. Where Lauren covers all the basic aspects when it comes to using the Law of Attraction and Manifestation in your life. If you are someone who wants to know more, then this is the webinar for you!

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Testimonials from our customers

The workshop was really encouraging and easy to understand. I loved the vision board idea and really appreciated all Lorna’s helpful advice for setting achievable goals
This session was a wonderful reminder that my life is mine to create and design as I see fit! It really inspired me to take an intentional step forward in taking control of my life and future and it made me feel excited about the journey ahead. Lorna is extremely approachable and easy to talk to and I would recommend to anyone who is feeling lost and in need of some guidance
Lorna and Lauren's passion is inspiring! Hearing Lorna's coaching journey over recent years made me appreciate the power 'mindset' gives us to grow and evolve- changing our lives for the better. I left the session understanding the power that I hold within myself to guide my future and achieve the dreams that I have. I just need to decide where to start!

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Our Coaching Programmes

You may be thinking ‘why would I hire a coach’ and we hope that the following will help you with that question and also to decide whether a life coach is something that may help you on your journey.


Having decided to become coaches, we knew that in order to best serve our clients, we needed clarity on our purpose and how we could best serve our clients.  Using a coach meant that we worked with them on our journey to clarity. Through a series of close questioning and various exercises over a period of time, we were able to find the clarity that we needed.

If clarity is what is stopping you progress to where you want to be, or even if you are not quite able to put your finger on it but you are feeling stuck, we can help you identify what might be holding you back and not only allow you to move from where you are but also to make real and long-lasting change. 


With clarity comes a changed mindset and confidence to achieve what you have set out to do.  We work with you and give you the tools you will need to ensure your mindset and confidence stay with you.  We do that by keeping you accountable for what you set out to do.  We know how easy it is to lose track when life gets in the way.  We work in partnership with you by following up on each meeting and tracking progress


If you want to bring about positive and lasting change in your life by changing your mindset, we will get you there through our coaching.  Change takes intention and consistency of the methods and practices that bring about that change.  When you ditch the old story or the old you because it is not serving you and totally embrace and immerse yourself into the new story or new you that is, it is difficult to go back.

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