“Lauren was encouraging and willing to break down my problems. She made me realise decision making issues and explored my behaviour of overthinking. She has helped me to realise to tackle the problem at hand”

— Asha


“Lauren and Lorna’s passion is inspiring! Hearing Lorna’s journey over recent years made me appreciate the power ‘mindset’ gives us to grow and evolve- changing our lives for the better. I left the session understanding the power that I hold within myself to guide my future and achieve the dreams that I have. I just need to decide where to start!”

— Emily


I have developed a new mind-set of confidence after a few sessions with Lauren and I think that this is the best result I could have got. I can say that Lauren is a very valuable person to have around and she has had a big impact on my life. She is the first person I thought of to tell when something is bothering me, simply because of her vibe and the way she gives importance to your thoughts. If I had to recommend a life coach to anyone, Lauren would be the one. The fact that she gave me the impulse when I needed it the most, makes her the best and first option for everyone I would say. In my case, I couldn’t have asked for more professionalism and friendliness from a coach and I would like to thank her for everything she has done for me.

– Razvan


Lauren made me feel very comfortable and has definitely made a positive impact to my life.



I am happy with the results received from coaching with Lauren. She was absolutely accessible and easy to talk with.



My career had taken a real downturn in the last 3 years leading to my leaving 2 jobs before I was ready causing me to feel dejected and I started to lack confidence. My finances had also started to suffer and also my relationship with my children.  I started coaching with Lauren before starting a new job and as a result have made an excellent start.  I felt confident and Lorna gave me the success tools to deal with any challenges.

Lorna helped me manfest more money on a daily basis and encouraged me by showing ways to spend more time with my family.

I highly recommend her solution focused coaching. It is absolutely invaluable.  I discovered that behind my external issues there are always deep underlying issues that can be worked on. I am so grateful to Lorna for her coaching package.  It has been highly effective.

                                                                                         – Sam


Lorna’s style of coaching is the pefect blend of genuine encouragement and thoughtful challenge.  She helped me to gain clarity in my loose ideas and helped me to move forward.