5 Tips to Manage Stress

Stress? What even is it? What is that word that uses up such
a large percentage of our vocabulary? That thing we feel when we find ourselves
in a situation with seemingly no way out? No matter who you are or your walk of
life, at some point in our lives we will experience a stressful situation
whether in our personal lives or connected with education or our job. We use it
to describe our days, weeks and years and we hear others do the same.


But does it have to be this way? We believe that there is an
alternative to this seemingly endless stress, rest and repeat lifestyle. It is
possible to live a life unapologetically and through a lens of freedom.


My name is Lauren Valcin, a mindset coach at Life Visions by LV Coaching. I help millennials change their perspectives on the way they see themselves and the world around them so that they can fulfil their full potential and live the life that they WANT to live. In this article, I am going to give you five of my top tips on how to manage stress.

When we become stressed, our bodies go into fight or flight response. This is the response we needed back in primal times to protect us from danger. Our bodies actually respond as if we are being physically attacked! In our modern day, this is hardly the case! When stressed, our brain sends cortisol to the pre-frontal cortex, affecting our rational thinking. This might cause us to have outbursts and affect our ability to think clearly to solve tasks. Our minds literally become clouded. In addition, there are negative health effects which include a weakened immune system, headaches and many more.

So, with this information in mind, and knowing that the majority of the time our lives are not actually in danger, is it always necessary to go into fight or flight response? Can we programme our minds to respond and manage stress differently and in a way that is healthier and more effective.

I remember when stress became a big issue in my life. It was when I started university. I struggled being away from my family and settling into a strange place. This led to me feeling really disconnected and developing a very negative mindset. From that moment, nothing seemed to go right for me. I couldn’t find a job and had issues finding a placement, not to mention the financial difficulties. This all created pressure on my relationships and it really wasn’t a good time. As you can imagine, this all created a lot of stressful experiences in my life. I felt like my mind was blurred and I couldn’t solve any problems, I couldn’t control my mood and it felt like the world was against me.

Eventually, there came a time when I decided that I needed to something about it as I did not want to live like this anymore and that was when I started my journey of personal development and choosing a positive mindset. Since embarking on this journey, I have now become a mindset coach and teach others how they can use the power of their mind to live a positive life. Along my journey I have collected certain tools which I have been incorporating into my life and daily routine to help me to manage my stress. Since using these, I rarely become stressed and if I do, I am able to get out of it very quickly. I want to share these tools and techniques with you so that you can stress less too!


Tip 1: Get clear on your personal values.

·         Being clear on your personal values allows you to know who you are as a person and what you are aligned with. That means you can more easily recognise and avoid those things that are likely to cause you stress.

Tip 2: Make some goals.

·         Without goals, we don’t have a clear direction in our lives and this can often feel like we are in limbo. This can be a stressful place to be.

Tip 3: Journal.

·         Journaling is a great way to get all of your thoughts and worries onto paper and out of your head, allowing you to make better sense of them. It helps to put things into perspective, so you are better equipped to deal with things in a less stressful way.

Tip 4: Meditate.

·         Meditation calms the physical effects of stress on your mind and body. It will slow your heart beat and calm your breathing, therefore returning your body to balance. This will allow you to be in a much better position to deal with the stress.

Tip 5: Continue working on your mindset.

·         You will never stop experiencing possible stressful situations therefore consistently working on your mindset puts you in a better position to manage any future stressful situations.


If you follow these 5 top tips, you will be stressing less in no time. I use these very same tips myself on a regular basis, to ensure that I am able to properly manage my stress. Since using them, I have felt much more in flow with life and so much more relaxed. Using these tools regularly, I can finally say that I am truly living a life of joy, freedom and happiness.

If you want to learn more about how you can stress less, sign up to my new ‘Stress Less’ programme. This 14 day transformational programme will take you through 14 days of stress less tools and techniques, with a task to complete on each day so you can start incorporating them into your life straight away!

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